What is the “Deg Bhapka Method” of extraction ?

Waanya’s GULAB JAAL has been extracted using the the ancient deg bhapka method—the traditional way of extracting oil from flower petals through steaming and distillation—a process that is largely environment friendly . At the distillery, rose petals are separated from the fresh rose flowers. The rose petals and water are poured into copper pots called degs. The copper pot or deg then sealed using a mixture of clay and cotton. The water and rose petal filled deg is then exposed to fire and connected by a bamboo pipe (referred as Chonga) which ultimately collects the steam generated by the process in a copper receiver (Bhapka) and a water tank. The final extract collected in the Copper receiver/ Bhapka is pure rose water. This process is indigenous to Kannauj, India. 

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