I used the natural Haircolour kit but my hair didn’t turn black, it remained orange from henna . What can I do?

  1. Being a plant based dye,  Some times  chemically damaged hair take 2-3 times pick the colour. But since you mentioned your grey hair turned orange on application of henna, it means that your hair could hold henna’s colour pigments which is a good sign. Please reapply the henna and indigo again. In case your henna application is a day old, there is no need to reapply henna. Simply apply the Indigo paste again. 

2.Another possibility is old indigo, in which case please buy a fresh packet of the NATURAL HAIR COLOUR KIT  and give your hair another chance. ( You can identify old indigo if the colour of the powder has faded dull from its original bright green)

With the right application process, the results are 100% assured. Please get in touch with us @9437055329 for further assistance. We would be happy to help!

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