Can I use Waanya’s soap bar on my face?

Absolutely! Our soaps are designed such that they suit the face as well as the body. Gentle yet effective. Make sure to choose the right soap according to your individual skin type. 

Here’s  a guide to help you choose correct:

Ayurveda recognizes skincare according to your specific concern.

  1. Use our NEEMAN VRINDA ND CHARCOAL Soapbar- if you have Acne prone Skin Type. Use our
  2. ORANGE AND HONEY Soapbar – if you have combination skin type and love a good fragnant soap bar
  3. Use our UBTAN Soapbar- if you have oily skin type
  4. Use our ALMOND AND CALENDULA Soapbar – if you have dry, flaky or sensitive skin type
  5. Use our MULATNI MITTI SPABAR- if you are looking for an ayurvedic mud bath experience in your daily routine.

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